So, What’s the Difference Between a Budget Piano and a Steinway?

A lot of things, but I’ll give one example.  Expensive pianos are constructed with attention to detail in the quality of internal components so that they are reliable and don’t break.

In theese pictures you see keys from a budget Kimball piano that have snapped literally in two pieces simply from playing.  The top picture shows how the keys balance and pivot on the center key hole on the “balance rail.”  This is a high stress area of the key.

The second picture shows the repaired breaks.  Notice that the keys don’t have any reinforcement around the weak area around the hole.  One can easily see how weak this area of the key is.

Compare to the bottom oicture, which is of the key hole of a Steinway.  The Steinway has a “key button” reinforcing the weak area.

Steinway keys don’t break.

It’s a thousand little things like this, as well as the tone and consistency of playability that you pay for when you purchase a premium grade piano.

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