My Soundboard Is Cracked! My Piano Is Ruined! (Not)

You might see cracks like this in your soundboard. Especially if your piano is old. Should you be worried? Is it rattling or buzzing when you play? No? Then 99.99% probability you’ve got nothing to worry about at all. And if it is rattling, generally fixing it isn’t too difficult.  If you’d like, I can fill and glue it.  But, you really needn’t spend the money. There are some people who will insist that cracks will weaken the soundboard, or cause some other structural disaster. While those cases surely exist, they are quite rare. In fact, many manufacturers, including some of the most expensive brands, don’t cover soundboard cracks in their warranties! So, what does that tell you? That last paragraph settles it for me. Yes, there are lots of old wives tales in the piano industry. And the “cracked soundboard destroys your piano” myth is one of them (in most cases). 

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