Unglued Hammer Felts

If you see unglued hammer felts like this on a piano you’re considering buying, then reconsider. Those hammers can’t be effectively repaired. Replacing the hammers is the only option that results in good tone. And that is expensive ($750+) So unless you are willing to spend (a lot) on repairs as well, don’t buy the piano. Don’t even take it if it’s free, because I’ll almost guarantee you that if the hammers are like this, there is expensive damage to other components as well. So, unless the piano has some really strong sentimental or other intangible value to you, pass on it and find another piano that’s in better condition.

Should I Fix Up an Old Piano?

The “fixer upper” approach to saving money with pianos absolutely does not work if your criteria is simply value for dollar spent. Investing in repairs like new hammers or strings only makes sense for pianos of great sentimental or other intangible value, such as if you love antiques. But you’d never do it on a piano you paid $100 for on Facebook Marketplace. Why? Because for the same price, with patience I can help you find a comparable one in good condition that needs no repairs. Yep. I help customers buy pianos all the time. I don’t charge for it either. Just message me and we will start talking... 😊

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