Ken Smith 

 Certified Piano Technician 

Who am I?

My name is Ken Smith.  I am a lifelong musician and have composed and performed music since my teen years.   In my early years, I was a guitarist, but in mid life, the piano caught my interest.  I am a Certified Piano Technician. I studied with the Piano Technician's Academy.  I am versed in all aspects of piano tuning and repair.  As part of my training, I refurbished old pianos to make them new again.  

What's my story?


I spent most of my career in the oil and gas industry as an IT Director.  After being laid off I decided that there had to be more in life than grinding away at a job that had little security and (at least for me) little sense of fulfillment.  I wanted to experience the fruits of my labor in a tangible, real way that the IT field just doesn't allow.  So, with the freedom gained by unemployment and a new, wonderful, and supportive wife with a stable job, I decided to follow my passion and Ken's Pianos was born.

Why you should trust me.


Before I became a tech, I was often disappointed with the service I received, especially when it came to repairs.  Few excel at it.  Some techs don't understand the piano well enough to do much more than tune them. I am an honest businessman.  I will not perform a repair unless it is necessary.  If I don't know how to fix your problem, I will tell you.  I am passionate about my instrument, my art, and my career.  Why else would I leave a high paying career to do what I REALLY love?

I would love to

hear from you!