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Now Serving Victoria, TX and Houston, TX

Hi!  I'm Ken Smith, owner of Ken's Pianos.  We offer piano service and tuning throughout South Central Texas.  If it's related to pianos, we probably do it!  And if you aren't satisfied with our service or products, we will either make it right or refund your money.  Please browse the site to learn why we are different from the other piano guys in town.  If you want to to see what we do up close, visit us on Facebook!  I'm glad you're here. 

Why We Are Different

First off, Ken's Pianos isn't a single guy.  It's a team.  The company started as just Ken Smith the piano tuner.  But growth happened, and now we offer all types of piano service.  Whether you need tuning, repairs, refinishing, voicing, piano moving - whatever it is - we can help!  We have greater work capacity, resources, and geographical coverage than solo technicians.

It's a given that any reputable Piano Technician must have a high level of technical skill and knowledge.  We possess the skills to perform most services required to regulate and service pianos to the highest concert quality standards.  References for those types of customers are readily available should you be interested.   


Although we can do concert level work on fine pianos, those aren't our typical customers.  Most people who own a piano don't require the level of refinement necessary in a concert grand piano, nor do they want the expense!  We understand that and meet you where you are.  We focus on helping customers understand their options concerning old pianos and making the best decisions given their situation.  Then we deliver the level of service appropriate to your situation.   We can still make any piano play as well as possible on a shoestring budget if that is what you desire.

We understand the "average" piano owner.  We strive to give you what you desire, not what we deem "best."  Consider antique pianos. Customers are often told to scrap these pianos as junk."  But wait! That's Grandma's piano!  We understand.  As a result, we have fixed more of those old "junkers" that other technicians advised be taken to the boneyard than...  well, we have fixed a lot of them.  In fact, it's rare to come across one that is so bad that it can't be made playable at some level at a reasonable cost.  If you have ever been told that your piano is "hopeless" or "untuneable" you need to talk to us!  We will probably disagree and tell you how we can fix your piano!

Excellent Value  

I strive to be competitive and offer good value, all the while giving you outstanding service.   

  • We offer service from technicians in your local area - no journeys from hundreds of miles away!

  • Our prices are very competitive.

  • If I can't fix the problem during the first visit, or if I don't have parts on hand, I don't charge you for the return trip.

  • If you aren't satisfied, you don't pay.  All work is guaranteed - no questions asked.


  • I will not do work for you that doesn't need to be done.

  • I will be on time.  I rarely run late, but if I do, I'll call or text you in advance.

I try to engage my customers through social media, and especially through my blog, which is located on this website.  You can also follow us on the Ken's Pianos page on Facebook.  If you do, you'll get a great view in to what happens in our shop!

Business Hours

Monday-Friday  8:30am-10:00pm

Saturday - Sunday 9:00am - 1:30pm

If you require service outside these hours, please call.  I will do my best to accommodate you.


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Spring, TX Shop Location

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Cuero, TX Shop Location

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